BGE Season Begins at Truman Tavern

Ask anyone who owns one, and most everyone will tell you they love their BGE, or Big Green Egg. At Truman Tavern, we couldn’t agree more…we love our Big Green Egg! If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed for our Easter Brunch, Truman Tavern’s chefs (aka Big Green Egg Barbeque aficionados) were busy at work in the wee hours, tending to the Coca-Cola glazed ham, a featured Easter Brunch menu special. What does the Big Green Egg do that grills just can’t? Well, here are a few reasons why we love our Big Green Egg here at Truman Tavern, and a recipe for you to try as we enter outdoor cooking season here in Decatur and the metro Atlanta area.

What’s the BGE hype?

If you’re a fan of the backyard barbeque, chances are you’ve encountered a Big Green Egg. The shiny, green, dome-shaped grill/oven/smoker cooking device can be spotted all over the ATL these days on restaurant decks and neighbor’s patios alike. So, why is everyone seemingly obsessed with these ceramic kamado-style charcoal grills? You need only ask an owner…you can cook most anything on a BGE1:

Grill – You can grill at high heat on the BGE, which can reach temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to sear steaks to perfection or quickly grill fish and seafood without losing moisture.

Oven – You can use your BGE for pizza dough, breads, casseroles and even pies as its unique design locks in heat and moisture so foods inside don’t dry out. Some of the juiciest meats I’ve had were cooked low and slow, indirectly in a BGE.

Smoker – Add your favorite chips to your BGE and you’ve got the very best smoker around! The ceramics insulate the BGE and allow you to have precision control over temperatures. This allows the grill master to keep their favorite cuts of meat encapsulated in smoky goodness for long periods of time, even at very low temperatures.

Here is one of the easiest recipes out there…perfect for any BGE beginner.

Super Simple BGE Beer Can Chicken

Whole chicken, rinsed and patted dry
Canned beer of your choosing
Rub or seasoning of your choice

Bring can of beer to room temperature. Eliminate about a quarter of the beer from the can by method of your choosing (we recommend drinking while still cold) Season your chicken liberally with rub, salt and pepper, or an all-purpose seasoning of your choice. Add about a tablespoon of the same seasonings to the ¾ full beer can. Place beer can on a roasting pan that will fit into the BGE and place bottom opening of chicken onto can, arranging chicken legs so chicken “stands” upright. Place the pan onto the grate of the BGE and cook at 350-375 degrees until meat thermometer reads 165 on the thigh.

For more BGE ecipes, simply search online or go to for inspiration. If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own BGE, come on down to the Tavern to see what we’ve got cooking on our BGE! At Truman Tavern, we want to be your new favorite Decatur neighborhood hangout whether you’re a BGE fan or not! We strive to be the BEST steakhouse with a casual tavern feel on Decatur square, and we hope to delight your senses this spring with our new spring menu.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out our blog for favorite recipes, cocktails and all things food related! Of course, don’t forget to come grab a seat at our fun Decatur patio for bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary’s on Saturdays and Sundays!


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